Panchakarma & Ayurveda in Southern India

I really have enjoyed my Panchakarma/ayurveda experiences in both Alachua, Florida and in Phuket Thailand. So the next logical choice was to go where panchakarma all began- in Kerala, India. After my research, I decided upon the Somatheeram Ayurveda Village. The village is perched on a small hill overlooking the Arabian sea. Quite a beautiful and exotic vista to be sure! January would be the month to escape the frigid northeastern United States. The average high temperature would be 88 degrees!

The program would be for 3 weeks. 2 hours treatments, 3 vegetarian meals per day, 1 hour meditation and a 1 hour yoga session. Every morning before my treatment, I would meet with my ayurvedic physician. They would take my pulse and blood pressure and discuss the day’s objectives for the treatments.

Every day was very relaxing- no TV, no email, no driving, no striving! My blood pressure was 120/80 upon arrival, by day 7 it was 90/60!

The food was really good. Lots of rice, lentils, curries, fresh fruit and veggies (primarily tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and carrots). Of course herbal teas, whole milk and fruit juices. And they had delicious local black pepper. After all, we were on the Malabar coast near the town of Thalassery (formerly known as Tellicherry). Fun fact: India produces more spices than any country in the world.

The whole program was quite affordable- a little over $200/day (this includes the 2 hours of treatments!). The only expensive part was the flight- I have to fly business class because I am tall. Newark to Dubai, then Dubai to Thiruvananthapuram (20 minutes from the resort/village). Try saying that name 5 times really fast!

By the end of my 3 weeks, I was feeling rejuvinated, tanned and relaxed. I have some arthritis in my wrists and that is pretty much gone now. The doctors gave me a program to follow upon my return- which I am still doing for the most part. I highly recommend this spot. I met several Europeans who do this every year and they said this is the best spot.

Please email me to [email protected] for further details/ suggestions. Or call me at Crocodile Cafe at 610-971-9993. The resort’s email is


And I even got to take a few cooking classes!