Spring & Graduation & Cinco De Mayo Menus

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

The fifth of May is coming up folks… aka CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!!
We have a special menu designed especially for this very special day. In essence, this is a really nice fajita/taco bar with my streetside empanadas featuring new-crop Yukon Gold spuds and a nice little Tex-Mex salad that will be sure to have your execs dancing a Mexican jig.
Heck, if you order enough food, I might stop by with my guitar and play some really off-key Mariachi music

Taco Fixins– 4 kinds (all GF)
Shredded Barbequed Beef
Cajun Roast Chicken
• Cuban Black Beans (vegetarian)
• House Roasted Veggies
Mexi Condiments– sour cream, homemade salsa, homemade guacamole, grated cheddar cheese, jalapeño peppers, shredded iceberg, fresh limes, fresh cilantro
Red Rice– beyond great for your vegetarian (and GF) guests!
Streetside Empanadas– golden-brown pastries stuffed with buttery soft red bliss potatoes, queso fresco and mild Anaheim chilies (vegetarian)
Housemade Salsa Fresca & Pineapple Salsa
Stone Ground Tortilla Chips
Kurt’s Homemade Orange-Habanero Crema– for zesty empanada-dipping!
$25.99 per person (20 person minimum, 48 hours notice)

Glorious Graduation Party #1 (early bird pricing!)

  • North Carolina Hand-Pulled BBQ Pork– smoked overnight, falling apart tender, lightly sauced (or we can do chicken)
  • Our South Philly Hoagies- piled high with our juicy toppings and cut in pinwheels so that everyone can sample different kinds.
  • Mac & Cheese- silky smooth casserole topped with oozy Monterey jack cheese and crispy garlic crumbs (great for vegetarian guests)
  • California Cole Slaw- with tender cabbage, arugula and fresh herbs
  • Super Fresh Party Platter- sweet peppers, banana peppers, hoagie spread, sliced dill pickles
  • Fresh Organic Veggy Tray- ranch dressing
  • Sesame Seed Hoagie Rolls
  • Crispy Tortilla Chips & Homemade Salsa
  • Herr’s Special Recipe Potato Chips
  • Kurt’s Orange-Habanero Hot Sauce (ouch!)
  • $22.99 per person

Spring Chicken Salad Bar

A lite & healthy spread, all served separately (salad-bar-style)… so your guests can construct their own salad OR sandwich. Sure to satisfy all special diet requests…low-carb, gluten-free, keto, vegetarian, vegan, etc.

  • Char-Grilled Lemon Chicken (all-natural)…sliced thin for easy eating
  • House Roasted Peppers
  • Hard-Cooked Eggs- bright with celery and radish slivers
  • Shredded Cabot Cheddar- legit & delicious
  • Grilled Asparagus Spears
  • Smoky Red Pepper Hummus
  • Fresh Lemon Wedges & Basil Leaves– for zesty squeezing!
  • Simple & Excellent Green Salad- assorted dressings, incomparably fresh
  • Cute, Sliced Le Bus Dinner Rolls- rolls are sliced for those who want to make sandwiches!
  • Hellman’s Mayo & Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard
  • Special Recipe Herr’s Potato Chips
  • $14.99 per person

Ravenous Wraps In the Spring !

An eye-popping assortment of our overstuffed, specialty wraps (choose 3):

  • West Coast Turkey– lite & lean turkey, cheddar-jack cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts and a kiss of buttermilk ranch.
  • Chicken Salad Club Wrap- rolled up with crispy bacon, our all-natural chicken salad, American cheese, lettuce, and tomato.
  • “Specialty-Of-The-House” Roast Beef- shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, aged provolone and our homemade 1000 island
  • Luscious Lebanon- hummus, shredded iceberg, tomatoes, house-roasted peppers, artichoke salad, Greek feta, pesto vinaigrette, homemade rosemary sea salt

Your Wraps Come With…

  • Simple & Excellent Green Salad– incomparably fresh, assorted dressing
  • Herr’s Special Recipe Potato Chips
  • Crisp Dill Pickles & Banana Peppers
  • Hellman’s Mayo & Gulden’s Spicy Mustard
  • $13.99 per person
  • ADD Fruit Kabobs for ONLY $3.99 per person!!