Drinks & Desserts

All Of Our Beverage Selections Arrive With Cups, Ice And Serving Spoons

Beverage Bar- An assortment of bottled spring water, assorted sodas and teas, and sparkling water.  $1.99/ person (sodas only $2.19/person)

Fresh Squeezed LemonadeKurt’s mother’s secret recipe $3.99/person (10 person minimum)

Homemade Iced Tea- sugar and lemon wedges on the side $3.99/person (10 person minimum)

Party Drinks- We make these without alcohol but you can bring it if you wish (but even if you don’t want to bring alcohol, these drinks still give your picnic a nice festive feel). Drinks include Mojitos, Mango Margaritas, Red Devil Daquiris. $4.99/ per person (25 person minimum per drink)