Here’s Kurt, the owner! He is always stirring the pot around (and we are NOT kidding! Ha, ha). His love for cooking began at the age of 2, next to… Read More »


Koren has been with Crocodile for over 8 years. She came to Croc at first because she had a passion for cooking and always loved cooking with her mom as… Read More »


Bob has been working at Crocodile for over 6 years, however, Crocodile has been a second home to Bob for his whole life. (He is Kurt’s son!) Cooking is in… Read More »


This is Rachel. She has worked at the Crocodile since July of 2012, but really, it seems like longer because she is Kurt’s daughter! Rachel is one of the managers… Read More »


Here’s Jordan! Jordan has worked at the Crocodile for almost 4 years. He is our lunch expeditor, which means he is in charge of making sure every lunch goes out… Read More »


Kate has been at Crocodile for 19 months, and has played a vital role as a prep chef at Crocodile. (She’s the one who makes the Pedro’s pasta salad!) She… Read More »


Judie has been with Crocodile since December of 2016. Judie is our bookkeeper. She found Crocodile on Craig’s List and applied because the most “amazing ad” ever! When she came… Read More »