How do I order?

Telephone: 610.971.9993 | Email: Crocodile@CrocCater.com |

When can I call? What days do you cater?

Our sales office is open from 5:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. We cater Monday-Friday (Saturdays & Sundays require a $1500 minimum).

What types of events does the Crocodile cater?
  • Graduation Parties
  • Outside Weddings
  • Outdoor BBQ Parties
  • Quarterly Meetings
  • Trainings
  • Safety Meetings
  • Board of Directors Meetings
  • Department Meetings
  • Bus Trips
  • Audits
  • Going Away Parties
  • Orientations
  • Retirements
  • Anniversaries
  • Funerals
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Sack Lunches
  • Breakfast Trays
  • Hot Breakfasts
  • Coffee Service
  • Sandwich Trays
  • Salad Bars
  • Hot Food from all around the world- made from scratch by real chefs
  • Tapas, Hors d’oeuvres
  • Gift Baskets
  • Cheese and Fruit Trays
  • Afternoon Snacks
  • All Day Meetings
  • We have the best café in the world
  • Consulting (see HavePerfectPeople.com)

Don’t see what you need here?  Give us a call…we probably do it too!

How do I know my caterer will do a great job (I don’t want to be embarrassed or fired!)?

Print out this Catering Scorecard and quiz your prospective caterer with these questions. We know we’ll score high – will the “other” guys?

How will I know there will be enough food?

We hate running out of food even more than you do (it’s really bad for business). Over the last 20 years, we have catered over 100,000 corporate breakfasts and luncheons. During this time we have measured and tested our recipes so we know exactly what works for different sized groups.

Do you offer guaranteed on-time delivery?

If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy, we offer a free catered event and a full refund (you are the sole judge and jury). But this probably won’t happen to you (last year, out of 6127 catered events, we were asked to pay out only 3 times.

Where do you usually deliver?

Unlike most caterers, we have a tight, 7-mile delivery radius (15 minutes approx.). Caterers who deliver to far-away-places are more prone to lateness because of traffic issues (and they can’t quickly help you with last minute requests and changes). We are happy to deliver outside of the area within reason, but there may be a $500 purchase minimum on each delivery.

Are there order minimums?

Breakfast – 12 people, Cold Buffets – 8 people, Hot Buffets – 12 people, Orders After 3pm – 30 people

Do I need to supply paper products?

You supply the hungry guests and Croc takes care of the rest. All orders come with a tablecloth, paper products, and serving utensils. In addition, your delivery person will take care of setting your buffet table.

Can I get a “Corporate Discount” (and lookee here you Crocs, I would really prefer not to haggle with you)?

Unlike most other caterers, our menu offers built-in, corporate discounts right up front (no hidden costs and no embarrassing negotiations). For each delivery, we also offer volume discounts which are clearly displayed in each menu section (the bigger your event, the less you pay).

Do you have all-day meeting packages?

Click on “All-Day Meetings” on our website. These packages will keep everyone happy (and you won’t have to figure everything out for yourself). And they are great bargains.

How will I know if my order is confirmed?

Upon placing your order via telephone, email, or fax, we will plug you into our computer and send you an email confirmation. In addition, we call you the morning before each event to confirm all the details.

What do you do for vegetarians?

We have lots of interesting, clearly marked vegetarian suggestions that will satisfy even the most hard-core carnivores (not just the same old vegetable lasagna and marinated veggies).

My people get bored with the same food, but I don’t want to keep doing the catering dance with a gazillion vendors. HELP ME, please!

Our experienced Event Planners can offer suggestions on menu planning for multiple catered events. Or just call and ask for Kurt, Owner/Master Executive Chef for even more creative suggestions.

What if we have someone in our group with a special diet/request?

We now have a special section just for you! From our home page click on “Special Diet” and you’ll find some fun sack lunch options, including options for vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Kosher Style, Vegan, etc. Your special request will arrive in a plainly marked Crocodile tote bag with your special person’s name on it (so the request does not get taken by someone else).

Do you require a deposit? How and when do I pay? What are your terms?

For corporations, we don’t require any deposit. After all the bellies are full, you can pay online with a credit card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard) through the links in the invoice that was emailed to you. If you prefer, we can also take your credit card information over the phone, you can mail us a business check, or we can also accept ACH payment. Our terms are Net 30.

When are you open?

Our sales office is open from 5:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (closed weekends).

Do you cater on the weekends?

Yes, but because we need to bring in special staff, there is a $1500 purchase minimum on each weekend delivery.

  • Orders are not considered booked until the non-refundable ($500.00) deposit is received. Bookings based on availability on a first-come-first-pay basis.
  • Once booked and confirmed, the minimum guest count is due 10 business days prior to the event – any additions after this may incur an additional per person fee.
  • Final, non-refundable payment of the remaining balance is due 5 business days prior to the event.
When is the latest I can call and order food for the next day without the extra charge?

Any time before 4:30pm for the next business day. Next-day orders placed after 4:30pm will be assessed a $25.00 same-day order fee.

What if I need a last minute lunch on the same day?

We are quite good at same-day-orders, but because we have to reconfigure our existing schedules, delivery time is subject to our existing delivery schedule. There is also a same-day order fee of $25.00.

Do you come back to clean up?

If your catered event includes coffee urns or chafing dishes, we will come back to pick them up. If not, we use disposable trays that you can throw out. But they are quite attractive (and even microwavable), so taken them home and use them at your home parties.

If you come back to clean up, when do you do it?

We’ll always call you first before arriving, however, typically for breakfast deliveries, we’ll pick up at lunch time, and for lunch time deliveries we’ll pick up between 2-4pm.

How do I change my order once it is placed?

Please call or email your change as soon as you find out and we’ll send out an updated invoice within 24 hours. If it is an increase for a same-day event, we will do our best to accommodate.

What happens if I cancel (or reduce) my order at the last minute?

Due to the extensive amount of planning that goes into each order, all cancellations or reductions must be made by 4:30pm of the previous business day to receive a full refund. If you don’t want to take the food, we will be happy to deliver your order to the charity of your choice within our 7 mile delivery radius.

What does it taste like? What is your sampling policy?

We are happy to meet with you to showcase any of our menu items on Mondays and Fridays. Please give at least one week’s notice.

How many catering chefs will cater and set-up my catered event?

At least one Croc will cater for every 60 guests.

Will your catering chefs stay and serve my guests?

All cold buffets are “drop and go.” We will typically do the same for hot buffets, breakfasts and tapas, however for hot orders over 60, we leave a Croc on-site to replenish and keep things tidy.

Could I have some current references?

Give us a call and we would be thrilled to supply you with three references from events we have catered within the past three business days.

How much liability insurance do you have?

We have a $3 million liability insurance policy. If you need a copy, let us know and we’re happy to fax it to you.

Where are you located?

The best cafe in the world is located at 940 W. Valley Road, Suite 2001 Wayne, PA 19087. We are in the West Valley Business Center near the Southeastern Post Office. Just minutes from King of Prussia, Trooper, Great Valley, Radnor and Chesterbrook.

How many serving lines will I need if I don’t want a long line of impatient, hungry people?

We recommend having one serving line for every 50 people (you may want to consider this space requirement in your event planning).

Are there any additional fees to your menu prices?

On your invoice you will see PA Sales tax as well as a delivery charge. Generally it’s 15%, however for some specialty menus, evenings and weekends we have a 20% delivery charge. For those customers who don’t wish to see the delivery charge on their invoice, we are happy to leave it off, but there will be a $2 additional charge per person, per delivery.

Who gets the delivery charge?

The delivery charge is used to cover: the newest delivery vehicle fleet (average age 2.4 years), refrigerated trucks, vehicle maintenance, fuel, vehicle detailing, vehicle insurance, driver health insurance (driver gratuity is optional)

Should I tip the delivery person?

Here at the Croc we pay our employees well above industry average. Your delivery Croc will never expect to receive gratuity. However, if you feel they’ve gone above and beyond feel free to let them know!

How “green” are you?

We try to do as many “green” things as possible (and always have). For instance:

  • We use only organic dairy products (organic ½ and ½ for coffee services, in our soups, etc.)
  • We also only serve organic OJ with our breakfast services.
  • We only market and deliver our catering services in a tight, seven mile radius to reduce gasoline consumption (many caterers will travel 20 miles with just one catered delivery).
  • We invoice electronically to save paper.
  • We recycle our serving trays and plastic bags.
Where have you delivered in the past?

If it’s big enough, we’ll go anywhere. Here are some places we deliver:

Wayne 19087, Radnor, Audubon 19401, Berwyn, Chesterbrook, Malvern, 19355, Berwyn, 19312, King of Prussia,19406, Trooper, 19403 Exton, 19341, Oaks, 19456 Norristown,19401, 19404, Paoli, 19301, Valley Forge, 19484, 19482, 19485, 19493, 19494, 19495, 19496, Frazer, Conshohocken, 19428, Saint Davids, Strafford, Daylesford, Villanova, 19085, Bryn Mawr, 19010, Gulph Mills, 19428, Rosemont, Lionville, 19353, Downingtown, 19335, Great Valley, Chester County, Upper Merion, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania(pa), Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE, Berwyn, 19312, West Chester, 19380