October, 2018

Fun At The Tailgate Cooking Class

Everyone had a great time at our latest cooking class:  Tailgate Cookery “a la Croc” on Saturday (Oct. 27). The class included four lucky customers who were the first to… Read More »

Pumpkin cheese balls for Halloween

The idea of “Halloween food” is a bit of a head-scratcher for a chef. Sure, you can make a crudité shaped like a black cat. You can serve a scary-looking… Read More »

Crocs Field Trip To Tuscany!

The week of July 4th  is slow here at Crocodile, so I usually take my management crew (+ 2 apprentices) to some foreign land to do some menu research & development.… Read More »

Restaurant Review: AVOLA Kitchen & Bar, Malvern

I was searching through Yelp last week to find somewhere different to eat/drink when, up pops Avola Kitchen & Bar in Malvern…just opened up… and only 5 minutes from my house! A… Read More »