Getaway trip to Montauk, New York

Over labor day weekend, we took a weekend getaway trip to Montauk, New York. Montauk is a little beach town way up on the very eastern tip of Long Island. I had always been interested in going there because it sounded so off-the-grid.

The drive from Philly proved to be challenging. The traffic getting up there is intense right south of the Hamptons. It took us about 5 hours. Upon arrival, we found a very laid back beach town with lots of free parking and beautiful, wild, beaches. Montauk Point State Park has a light house and is at land’s end- worth a visit.

The restaurant/bar scene is pretty good- and, best yet, all within walking distance of our hotel. So we visited many restaurants. Gosman’s Lobster

House is pretty much a tourist trap, but it has a beautiful view of the harbor. Naturally Good Foods serves organic foods is a great place for breakfast or

 lunch- and they have outdoor seating. visited lighthouses, breweries, rode bicycles & ferries, did yoga, swam in the ocean and drank wine. They love their yoga up there!

One day, we took a ferry to Block Island and rode mopeds around the tiny, beautiful Island. Block Island looks a lot like Bermuda with it’s craggy cliffs and beaches. The old harbor is lined with bars and restaurants to explore.