Visiting Croatia


We are always looking for new and different places to check out their food and write menus.

So when they opened up nonstop service to Dubrovnik from Philadelphia we said “we are in! To grab Nick is the capital of Croatia and right now is very popular because that’s where they film Game of Thrones and Star Trek

But we care not of went through those things we came for the food! We had visions of fishermen hauling seafood shrimp lobster sardines right out of the fishing boat and then do our mouth‘s all the while fasting in the Mediterranean sun and drinking local wines

We decided to take an adventure trip to visit Croatia. By adventure trip we main: biking, hiking, boating and kayaking. We would travel through for Islands parentheses. Our favorite one was a VR and then we would travel to Dubrovnik to finish out our stay so you can pause here and there.

So what the heck exactly is Croatian food? What we found was Croatians live very close to the earth and meet foods that are available to them within just several kilometers on the menus we found a few things to be quintessential Croatia: numbered list that didn’t work too well number

1. Fish straight out of the ocean…scampi, shells, grilled whole fish, squid, cuddle fish.

2. Ratatouille- eggplant, zucchini, tomato, bell pepper , basil garnish.

3. Cuddle fish black risotto

4. Caprese salad

5. Large capers with stems on

6. Fresh country cheese


7. Grappa and delicious local wine

8. Farmers salad- cucumber, tomato, lettuce, cabbage

9. Bruschetta

10. Anchovies with onions and olive oil

11. Olive oil- olive trees are everywhere!

12. Fresh fruit from the trees- orange, kiwi, grapefruit

We had to eat at many different restaurants, we can’t wait to do our cooking class show case some of this food.  If you do go to Croatia we recommend that you may be do two nights in Dubrovnik and maybe two or three nights in one of the islands. Our favorite island was the swanky Hvar.