Who We Are

We are the largest, off-premise office caterer in the western Philadelphia suburbs with multiple businesses branching off this success. So this is a real business with lots of opportunity for people who are willing to learn the skills necessary to succeed in a business environment.

We consult with other small businesses on a daily basis helping them learn how we recruit, train, and motivate people. We aren’t some mom and pop store and we aren’t a corporate catering chain.​

We grow with people who want to learn and grow as business people.

You see, it’s really not our food that makes us unique – although our food does rock. What makes us special is the investment we make teaching others how to make work that is more profitable with less drama and great working conditions.

Come on in and see. You will feel the difference the second you walk through our doors. “WORK” is not a four-letter word around here.

If you’re interested in joining our team, it’s your turn to tell us what you’ve got to offer.

We’re ready to listen!