Thai Cooking Class- and never again be intimidated by rice noodles!

I just spent 4 weeks in Thailand cooking and eating and visiting restaurants. Menu research & development is hard work! From my travels, I came up with this cooking class. Here is the description….

Explore the interplay of sweet, sour, funky, spicy and salty flavors that make Thai food so distinctive- and delicious. I have developed my recipes to use readily available ingredients, so you don’t have to make a special trip to the Asian market.

Here is what we will be cooking …

Honey & Lime Dressing- sweet, spicy, citrus-y and salty with a funky swagger. Get the recipe card! We use it for our chicken satay marinade, and our pad thai sauce.

Thai Red Curry Chicken- sauteed with Yukon gold potatoes and spinach in our fragrant (and lip-tingling) coconut-cream sauce. Served over fragrant basmati rice.

Sriracha Verde- because our produce guy is stupid haha. Only here at Crocodile will you find this one! Watch your face after you grind it!

Som Tum Salad- shredded cabbages tossed with lime juice, garlic, ground peanuts, chili and traditional seasonings (use green papaya if you can get them)

Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce- this sauce requires a mandatory garnish of chopped peanuts declared by the Food Dictator.

Chicken Satay- char-grilled to a crusty succulence on our open broiler! We will dunk these sweet & spicy skewers in the peanut sauce.

Pad Thai- springy rice noodles are tossed with crispy tofu, angel hair carrots, napa cabbage ribbons, bean sprouts, egg scrambles, shishito peppers and our homemade honey-lime dressing. Served with chopped peanuts, jalapenos, basil and big, fat lime wedges.

Questions may be directed to Kurt Linneman at [email protected]

Classes are hands-on and directed by Owner & Executive Chef, Kurt Linneman,.  Classes last about 2 hours. Classes are hands-on (or off)… and the best part is, after we’re done cooking, we all sit down and eat! Great for family get-togethers and corporate team building.

Cost Info: $70/person. First come, first serve. BYOB.