This is Rachel. She has worked at the Crocodile since July of 2012, but really, it seems like longer because she is Kurt’s daughter! Rachel is one of the managers and event planners over at Crocodile. She also sends out most of the emails you guys receive every day. She has recently really gotten interested in training and coaching new Crocs, and hopes to keep improving as a trainer and leader.

Rachel has been interested in cooking since she was little. (What other choice did she have? She has Kurt for a dad, afterall!). Although she isn’t in the kitchen all of the time at work, she does help out whenever she is needed. Rachel loves cooking and trying new recipes at home with her husband, Michael. Rachel says her dogs (Dexter and Dozer) are always by their side to pick up anything that falls to the floor.

She enjoys visiting different microbreweries and restaurants with her husband, playing with her dogs, working out, spending time with her family and friends, reading, spending as much time as possible at the beach, and being a loser 102% of the time.