Here’s Kurt, the owner! He is always stirring the pot around (and we are NOT kidding! Ha, ha). His love for cooking began at the age of 2, next to his mother’s side. You could always find him in the kitchen, rather than playing with any toys or watching television. In fact, his first words to his grandmother were, “these chicken livers are delicious!” So, Kurt always had a love of food, but later in life, he found he also found he had a love for business!

Kurt got his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and his Master’s degree in Leadership Development. (Go Nittany Lions!) Kurt worked in MANY restaurants before he started Crocodile. He actually started working as a dishwasher, with NO PAY. Talk about starting at the bottom! He was willing to do whatever it took to get into a kitchen somewhere.

Crocodile opened on August 8, 1988 (Great Since 8/8/88!). Kurt has a daughter (Rachel) and son (Bob) and both work at Crocodile, learning the family business.

Kurt loves international travel just so he can eat and drink in interesting, new places… he’s been to Japan, China, Sicily, St. Maarten, Portugal, Mexico, France, and Germany – just to name a few! This is why we have so many ethnic cuisines on our menu!

Kurt also loves to golf and bike. He enjoys yoga and even incorporates the yogi practices in his business.

He is always trying something to make the business better…right now he is all fired up about all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken.