Koren has been with Crocodile for over 8 years. She came to Croc at first because she had a passion for cooking and always loved cooking with her mom as a young girl. Cooking with and appreciating fresh ingredients and foods was a lesson Koren’s mom instilled in her.

To learn and grow in the kitchen, Koren was ready and willing to do anything. She started by making sandwiches, and after she became a cold buffet specialist, she became very interested in the hot kitchen. However, Koren was not very experienced with working in the hot kitchen, so it took lots of practice, both inside and outside work. Practice, along with the rigorous and vigorous training program, Koren has become one hell of a chef over the past years… and Crocodile’s General Manager!

Aside from learning about all of the delicious food, Koren has also learned a lot about the business itself and daily operations. She loves training and development of new Crocs and genuinely loves to see them grow and shine, as they continue reaching for their own goals.

Outside of work, Koren is a mother to two beautiful children- Victoria, who is 6, and Jesse who is 10. More than anything, Koren loves to see her children learn, grow, and experience life. She is passionate about their schooling, loves reading to them, and wants them to always stay active. (Jesse plays football and Victoria cheerleads!) Traveling and reading are two of Koren’s favorite hobbies. She wants to see the world, and have her children experience all that life has to offer as well.

Koren is a believer in positivity and truly believes we create the life we want to live!