Here’s Jordan! Jordan has worked at the Crocodile for almost 4 years. He is our lunch expeditor, which means he is in charge of making sure every lunch goes out with the correct food and other items needed to make a successful delivery. Jordan also does deliveries and recoveries. He loves meeting new people and building relationships.

Jordan is extremely passionate about a healthy lifestyle. He follows Dr. Kuhrman’s nutritarian diet, which is 80% whole foods based and 20% of everything else. Jordan brews his own kombucha, which is a fermented probiotic tea, and eats at least 4 apples every morning!

Jordan and his girlfriend, Ashley, enjoy going to parks and hiking. Ashley reads a lot, while Jordan loves to watch documentaries. Ashley is into a healthy lifestyle also, so their house is loaded with fruits and veggies. The two of them will take two spoons, split a watermelon in half and each eat an entire half!

Jordan recently changed his major from an engineer to his ultimate dream profession: to become a Naturopathic Doctor. His advisors told him it would be a better major for him considering his love and passion for health.