Meet Chef Dave Rogers !!!!

Back in October of 2017, Dave applied to a job ad at Delaware County Community College where he was studying culinary arts. The job ad? Chef trainee at Crocodile Catering!

When Dave started in November, it was Crocodile’s busy season, so he hit the ground running.

Dave’s background is in a la carte cooking, so it’s been fun for him to learn about catering, which has been a totally different experience for him. He says he’s met a lot of great people- coworkers and customers alike!

Dave does a great deal organizing around Crocodile. He also cooks, cleans, goes on deliveries, and specializes in big events. His favorite thing to cook at Crocodile is the Turkey Chili. (We run our Turkey Chili everyday, so he’s gotten LOTS of practice to perfect his skills!)

Outside of work, Dave keeps himself busy! He’s a newlywed, as he and his wife tied the knot in July of 2018. Dave enjoys traveling and has been to most of the western coast of Europe. Kayaking and skydiving are two of his favorite activities to do outside, where as playing video games is his favorite thing to do indoors.

He loves trying new cuisines and different foods. Some of the more outlandish things he’s tried recently are tacos de lengua (cow tongue tacos) and tacos de sesos (cow brain). Who knows what he’ll try next, but he says, he’s always willing to try something new and different!