Bob has been working at Crocodile for over 6 years, however, Crocodile has been a second home to Bob for his whole life. (He is Kurt’s son!) Cooking is in Bob’s blood – he always stayed by his dad’s side in the kitchen as a young boy, and started cooking foods for himself at a young age. Bob started off at Croc in the prep kitchen, and over the years he has become one of our chefs.

Eating healthy is something very important to Bob. He loves making foods at home and perfecting the foods he makes at work. He follows a strict diet – eating all natural foods and avoiding all preservatives and processed foods. He believes the more natural his diet, the better he feels… AND the more natural the diet, the better the food tastes! Asian and BBQ are his favorite foods to make.

To go along with eating healthy, Bob is very active. He and his wife, Amanda, enjoy running together. Bob calls her his “running partner.” Bob also enjoys trying all kinds of craft beer, IPA’s specifically. He is always on a mission to find “the perfect IPA.” Bob and Amanda live in the area with their crazy, but loveable dog, Tucker, who is non-stop and can run more miles than most humans!