South Philly Pork Sandwiches “A La Croc”

I used to get some delicious roast pork sandwiches down in South Philly. I got tired of driving down to Philly, so I started making my own!  After extensive menu research & development, I came upon a really nice recipe that’s even better than those South Philly sandwiche standout (if I do say so myself!).  

South Philly catering is very popular with our office catering clients for their out of town guests. So now I make them all the time and we deliver them to offices all over. Here we go…

I take whole pork loins and rub them down with chopped garlic(lots), fresh rosemary, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper flakes.

These spice-encrusted loins go Into a 375 degree oven and get roasted to EXACTLY 145 degrees. 

Next I cool them down to 40 degrees and scrape off those crunchy, crusty spices and mix them up with the pan drippings and chicken stock. Result? My lusty South Philly gravy! 

Out comes a South Philly steak roll which I stuff with provolone cheese, sweet peppers and thinly sliced pork which has been soaked in all that gorgeous gravy. A couple minutes in the oven and my masterpiece is complete!

Bon Appetit my friends!!