Fun At The Tailgate Cooking Class

Everyone had a great time at our latest cooking class:  Tailgate Cookery “a la Croc” on Saturday (Oct. 27). The class included four lucky customers who were the first to respond to our email invitation.

Crocodile’s owner and Executive Chef, Kurt, ran the class, ably assisted by several Croc staffers. Here is the menu…

Tailgate Cookery “a la Croc”…

Nachos “Divorciado”- we call them this not because they don’t like each other, but because half the nachos are covered with red chile sauce and the other half is decorated with our green toamatillo salsa. Then they are garnished with jalapeno escabeche and pork carnitas. Ole!

Pork Carnitas- roasted overnight, slow-cooked to the point of “sweet surrender,” aka weak-in-the-knees, yielding to even the slightest touch. With my slow-cooking method, the fat- and even the sinew- dissolve and melt into unctuous savor.

Tomatillo Salsa- an olive-colored, voluptuous, sweet-sour salsa with a brightening tang. The buzz of smoked chipotle chile adds mystery and heat

Buffalo Chicken Skewers– these lip-tingling beauties are huge sellers here at the Croc! Served with a side of our soothing Roquefort aioli. These were the students favorite!!

Roquefort Aioli- for this special treat, we use the aristocrat of French cheeses, Roquefort and a few secret ingredients (it also makes a totally kick-ass salad dressing or burger topping)

Korean Beef Sticks- in my amazing soy-sesame marinade

Pumpkin Cheese Ball- classic cheese ball flavor rolled in crispy nacho cheese crumbs and shaped like a pumpkin to make it cute, clever and adorable- but at the same time comforting, filling and old-school delicious. See my blog post at

Tropical Fruit Skewers– dressed with fresh lime, salt, mint and jalapeno brunoise

Kurt explains what will happen in the cooking class…Don’t the students look excited and ready for action?


…while students (and Croc staffers) pay close attention. And they better, because Kurt runs his kitchen with an iron fist 🙂

Head Chef, Bob Linneman, unveiling his overnight  Pork Carnitas under Kurt’s approving gaze. Bob cooks his pork for 14 hours (at least). Result? Sublimely tender, juicy and flavorful. Here at the Croc, we also use this overnight technique for beef bottom rounds, which we use to make taco bars, beef stroganoff, beef goulash and more! Try this technique at home (you can even use chicken or lamb or duck!!)









Assembling the Tropical Fruit Skewers.

Finished products. Left: Nachos Divorciados. Right: Buffalo Chicken Skewers. For the skewers we use boneless, skinless chicken thighs and marinate them overnight in hot sauce and ranch dressing and, let me tell you, these babies come out tender, juicy, spicy and yummm!

Pumpkin cheese ball—with chips! Great and festive for any holiday party!!