French Cooking Class

We did a French cooking class in the café on Saturday for a private birthday party. Our guests wanted to do French cooking. So what to make? Hmmmm…French is one of our favorite cuisines…a few classics came immediately to mind…

  • Chicken Francaise
  • Salad Nicoise
  • Bouillabaise
  • Beef Burgundy
  • Spinach Souffle
  • Cassoulet
  • Ratatouille

But in the end, our guests voted for the following menu….

French Bistro Cooking Class a la “Croc”

French Onion Soup- seductive and smoky with sweet caramelized onion, smoky bacon and fortified with a healthy jolt of tawny port.

Salad Lyonnaise- frisee lettuce is tossed with cubes of thick-cut bacon, a sherry vinaigrette and topped with an organic poached egg (aka bacon & egg salad)

Sirloin Steaks “Dianne”- thinly sliced steaks are grilled in butter with button mushrooms and flambéed and basted with brandy.


A good time was had by all. Bon Appetit!!