Favorites from Boulder, Colorado

We recently spent a 3-day weekend in Colorado to check out some of the new happenings in the food scene out there.

We stayed in the hotel Boulderado, just steps away from hippy center of town, Pearl Street. The walking/ tourist section of Pearl Street is about 4 cobblestone blocks long and lined with restaurants, shops, microbreweries, vagabond musicians and, of course, dispensaries! You can spend hours just tooling around sampling t he different offerings and taking in the local scene.

Lots of menu research and development was on the docket. We discovered that there really is no quintessential “Boulder” food per se, but the food  sampled at the restaurants was uniformly fresh and well executed (I guess due to all the competition). And the service was always with a fuzzy smile. Here are a few interesting dishes…

  1. Many vegetarian dishes containing beets and sweet potatoes
  2. Toothsome grass-fed steaks and lamb
  3. Beautifully executed fish & chips at almost every restaurant (in the rockies?)
  4. Rocky Mountain Oysters (I’ll eat almost anything, but I didn’t go there!)
  5. Local brook trout with brown butter and toasted almonds
  6. Linguini with dandelions and field garlic

Highly advised, a day trip to an old mining town called Nederland. You will feel like you are back in the wild, wild west! Definitely worth a short 30 minute drive.

Another short trip worth considering is just a 10 minute Uber from town center and you can visit mega-brew pub Avery Brewing and fledgling Asher Brewing (they do the only organic beer in town).

So, Boulder is a nice little trip if you just want to get away for a bit to somewhere quite different… especially if you are into eating, drinking, hiking, yoga and sightseeing. If you go, fly direct into Denver then it’s a 40 minute Uber trip to Boulder so you really can just do a 3 night trip if you are pressed for time.