COVID19 Policy

Why you might consider using only Crocodile (the safe delivery choice) during these uncertain times…

Crocodile’s COVID-19 guidelines & recommendations… pertaining to food preparation, handling, packaging, and delivery…

1.  Croc has at least one ServSafe certified manager onsite at all times to ensure the staff follows proper CDC safety guidelines. 

2.  We only uses trained, pre-screened food pros to deliver your food.

3.  Only FDA approved face guards and gloves for all delivery drivers and food handlers.

4.  Croc delivers in sanitized company vehicles- not someone’s personal vehicle.

5.  52 years management experience in one location.

6.  All Crocodile Catering menus are available individually packaged 

7.  Croc does not handle cash, and we encourage customers to use our online ordering system.

8.  As of June 5, Crocodile Café is in the “yellow” phase. We offer outdoor dining & adhere to the guidelines presented by the CDC…

   ·Customers must be seated at a table

   ·Croc will make hand sanitizer & hand wipes available in dining area.

   ·Croc will not offer self-service food or drink options, reusable menus, or condiment tables.

   ·Croc will not fill any food or beverage containers or implements brought in by customers.

   ·Croc accepts all cashless payments for outdoor dining.

9.  Here is why you might consider ONLY ordering from Crocodile…

   ·eliminates numerous, unknown delivery people accessing your office space.

   ·eliminates untraceable employee encounters from outside restaurants.

   ·saves your valuable time sourcing outside food services.

   ·makes things easy for YOU.  We are happy to provide weekly menus with promotions such as free delivery. AND we deliver 7 days a week.