Summer Menus

Our new summer menu features lots of homemade, clean, and fresh cooking. You know, real food is not as easy to find as you might suspect! Here’s what we’ve found out about grilled chicken:

Panera, Corner Bakery and the Radnor cafeterias buy pre-grilled, pre-cooked, frozen chicken patties from a commissary in Minnesota. Then they thaw them out and serve them to you. No other caterer in the area (other than Panera) uses all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken. Our chicken comes from smaller, humanely-raised birds to yield a more tender product that actually tastes like chicken! Then we grill them grill them up daily- especially for you!

Our dairy is 100% organic. Nobody else does this! You will taste the difference!

Please make a reservation to tour our state-of-the-art kitchen on Mondays and Fridays if you ever want to come over and see how we make everything fresh daily (and also how clean our kitchen is!).

Bon Appetit !

All orders come with a tablecloth, paper products and serving utensils.

We deliver and set up anytime, anywhere. A delivery charge of 15% will be added to invoices for weekday deliveries arriving between 6am & 3pm (after 3pm there is a 25 person minimum). We advise all orders for the next day be made by 3:00pm for optimum delivery time.  Events outside of these business hours will carry a 20% delivery charge. For all deliveries to PSU Great Valley campus, we charge you a 12% catering commission charge (which is paid directly to PSU) in addition to the delivery charge. Gratuity is optional, but cash gratuity is much appreciated. If you pick your catered order up, there is no delivery charge. Due to the extensive planning that goes into each order, all orders placed after 7pm for the following day will carry a $25 Late-Order Fee.

For delivery information, please go to Delivery Area.

Based of the size of your event, additional attendants may be required for set-up, serving, and breakdown. Attendants / Bartenders are billed at $80/hour, On-site Chef at $100/hour.

Due to the extensive amount of planning that goes into each order, all cancellations or reductions must be made by 12:00pm of the previous business day to receive a full refund. If you don’t want to take the food, we will be happy to deliver your order to the charity of your choice within our 7 mile delivery radius.