Livin’ Large In Long Island #2- Awesome Value…a real crowd pleaser!!

2 of us Crocs took a trip to Montauk, New York and Block Island for a cooking vacation. In addition to cooking, we visited many restaurants, visited lighthouses, and drank wine. We came back inspired and here is a SPECIAL menu we would like to share with you! This is clean eating, folks. Full of flavor and color and ethnic profiles…and it’s the food of the future that is just perfect RIGHT NOW! Your people will love it and make you order it time and time again!

  • Egyptian Avocado “Toasts”–  with arugula, avocado, sprouts and Egyptian spice blend on cute Le Bus dinner rolls(great for vegetarians, vegans and carnivores alike!)
  • Homemade Turkey Chili– protein packed with Butterball turkey, bell peppers, sweet California tomatoes and secret seasonings (gluten- free)
  • Bob’s Quinoa Tabbouleh-tossed with lots of fresh parsley, chunky cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and our lemon vinaigrette (high in protein and great for your gluten-free and vegetarian guests!)
  • Fresh Fruit Kebabs
  • Herr’s Potato Chips


  • $19.99/person, (12 person minimum, 48 hours notice)