Crocs Field Trip To Tuscany!

The week of July 4th  is slow here at Crocodile, so I usually take my management crew (+ 2 apprentices) to some foreign land to do some menu research & development.… Read More »

Restaurant Review: AVOLA Kitchen & Bar, Malvern

I was searching through Yelp last week to find somewhere different to eat/drink when, up pops Avola Kitchen & Bar in Malvern…just opened up… and only 5 minutes from my house! A… Read More »

Favorites from Boulder, Colorado

We recently spent a 3-day weekend in Colorado to check out some of the new happenings in the food scene out there. We stayed in the hotel Boulderado, just steps… Read More »

In Search Of France In The ‘Burbs: A La Maison, 7 Crocs out of a possible 10

French food is one of our faves. What’s not to like? Butter, cream, baguettes, pate, cheese, cassoulet, steak tartare. There are several choices in the area to choose from. Here… Read More »

Best Mexican In The ‘Burbs: Revealed!!!

Mexican food is one of our faves. And since it is Mexican month here at the Croc, I thought I’d tell you about the best Mexican places in the burbs.… Read More »