French Cooking Class

We did a French cooking class in the café on Saturday for a private birthday party. Our guests wanted to do French cooking. So what to make? Hmmmm…French is one of… Read More »

Austin Texas- Food & Travel Guide “a la Croc”

First off, why go to Austin, Texas? Barbeque- Austin is alleged by many connoisseurs to be the barbeque capital of the world Brew pubs- and new ones opening all the… Read More »

St. Kitts and Nevis- Food & Travel Guide “a la Croc”

First off, why go to St. Kitts? St. Kitts is rumored to be the premiere destination in the Caribbean for food-shack-eating-on-the beach. Non-stop service was just opened up from Newark… Read More »

Fun At The Tailgate Cooking Class

Everyone had a great time at our latest cooking class:  Tailgate Cookery “a la Croc” on Saturday (Oct. 27). The class included four lucky customers who were the first to… Read More »

Pumpkin cheese balls for Halloween

The idea of “Halloween food” is a bit of a head-scratcher for a chef. Sure, you can make a crudité shaped like a black cat. You can serve a scary-looking… Read More »