Pigging Out On The North Carolina BBQ Trail

If you have ever watched the BBQ shows of Food network,,, and who hasn’t? …. then you may have become fascinated with the different styles of BBQ from across the… Read More »

Costa Rica- Nicoya Peninsula… aka the “blue zone”

Having heard heard many good things about the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica- a little outcrop on the Pacific Side. So of course we had to go check it out!… Read More »

Jalapeno Escabeche

Today’s featured recipe is Jalapeno Escabeche. I first tasted jalapeno escabeche when I was 12 years old while traveling with my dad  on one of his business trips in Guadalajara,… Read More »

Kurt’s Bio & How The Croc Came To Be

At the tender age of two years, Kurt Linneman began cooking at his mother’s side. His first words spoken to his grandmother were; “These chicken livers are delicious.” Kurt’s first… Read More »

Mystical Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat 

After the year that was 2020, I needed to press the reset button. I decided upon a one week retreat at Ayurvedic Health Retreat in Alachoa, Florida. Hoping for… Read More »