Big Shock

In the design phase, we had brushed aside thoughts about boosting the Croc’s bottom line. In fact, we figured the company’s profitability would go down. Our concerns were to create a more creative, productive and joyous workplace. And we did.

But boy, were we in for a monumental surprise.

Imagine my shock – yes, shock- when I realized that the model had also uncovered sure-fire steps to an even more profitable way of doing business. Long story short, Crocodile’s sales have doubled and profits have tripled.

What was once a small sandwich shop has become one of the most financially successful catering operations on the East Coast!

With this totally unexpected financial success, the Croc is able to do things it could only dream of before. It can afford to hire the best people, invest in extensive, unequaled employee training and benefits, give that something extra to its customers, and make significant donations to charities and educational institutions.

When you work at the Croc, it means you’re in for something extraordinary. It’s not just another monotonous job. Here – as part of your work – you’ll learn the secret to true success that took me over 20 years of study to develop.

You won’t need to become a certified yoga instructor or read an entire library’s worth of books on management theory like I did. You won’t need an MBA or need to take all the coursework in leadership that I have completed.

Sidestep all of that brutally hard work.

Stick with me and I’ll happily pass on the secrets to success while we cook, chop and serve! It is my duty.

Integrate the Croc’s special recipe for success into your daily life and you, too, can become more content, peaceful, financially successful, and relaxed both on and off the job.

We can show you how to take that crucial “giant leap forward” in your career. You’ll be like an actor acquiring the talent it takes to perform on Broadway or an athlete developing skills to compete at the highest level of a professional sport.

You will come to understand business at such a high level that there will be no limit to how successful you can become.

Admittedly our approach is unique. That’s why it flat-out works. I know we’ve made some big promises. Our approach might seem too far out of your safe little comfort zone. If you are thinking “this can’t be true” then this program is not for you. Skeptics will be miserable here at the Croc.

Quite frankly, you may not be ready.

But remember, if you continue to do what you are doing, you will get what you always have gotten. To get the life you deserve, you must take action.