Best Mexican In The ‘Burbs: Revealed!!!

Mexican food is one of our faves. And since it is Mexican month here at the Croc, I thought I’d tell you about the best Mexican places in the burbs. There are several good choices in the area to choose from (all byob). Here they are by order of excellence:

  1. El Primo Taqueria: Norristown…. 9 Crocs out of a possible 10
  2. El Tio: 7 Crocs out of a possible 10 
  3. El Limon: Conshy, Frazer, Paoli, etc…. 7 Crocs out of a possible 10

El Primo in Norristown is the best around …hands-down, not-even close, better than anything I’ve had in Philly even!

This place is located in a grimy, little shopping center off of Markley street in Norristown. Upon entering, I swear it’s more Mexican than most places in Mexico!

This place is NOT fancy. The front part of the space is a little Mexican deli, all manner of exotic produce (lots of which you’ve never even seen before), pottery, dried chilies, homemade bread, pastries, etc.

Then you walk through cheesey stone arches into the restaurant. The colorful dining room has an open kitchen, pinatas hanging from the ceiling, women pulling string cheese, big vats of homemade fruit juice, and a wonderful salsa bar (several salsas, roasted jalapenos, cilantro, limes, roasted spring onions).

The menu is filled with all the usual suspects (tacos, burritos, enchiladas). In addition there are amazing soups and stews and daily specials which I highly recommend. I always get a container of the beef tripe soup (menudo) to take home with me. You get a quart of the stuff along with homemade tortillas and anything you want off that wonderful salsa bar for about 8 bucks!

Another fave of mine is the torta. It is a huge sandwich on home baked bread layered with a chicken cutlet, avocado, string cheese, lettuce, tomato, roasted jalapeno and mayo. Easily enough for two people. If you don’t want the chicken, you can sub lots of other fillings

Everything is super-fresh and authentic. Service is fast and attentive (especially if you know Spanish)!!

If you need pre-game, I suggest the Conshy brewery in Bridgeport!