Best Catering Near Me King Of Prussia

When you Google search “Best Catering Near Me,” and you are in King of Prussia, what is really at the top of the page? Unfortunately it is usually not the best caterer. What you get at the top of the page are advertisements and companies that have paid some tech person to do SEO.

So how do you find the best caterer in King of Prussia?

Well, just go to Crocodile Catering at

Why Crocodile Catering the best caterer for your office catering?


  1. Guaranteed-On-Time Catering Delivery & Set-Up (and won’t forget the “details”)
  • We professionally set up your catering delivery. Our managers cater and train every day on the road. We don’t just drop it on your table like some.
  • We are only 5 minutes from King of Prussia
  • We have perfected our delivery systems over the last 35 years (we know all the back roads and traffic patterns).
  • We deliver only in a tight, 7 mile radius (not spread too thin so if you need something, we’re right up the road).
  • We have 6 catering trucks, so we can cater even very large orders with no problem (the others may have only have a couple trucks… or deliver in their personal vehicles!)
  1. Fresh, Made-From-Scratch Catering Delivery
  • Executive Chef Kurt Linneman has a team of real catering chefs that are highly trained and constantly learning new things (ask for a copy of our chef test)
  • We use only organic orange juice and dairy products (nobody else does).
  • All meats and veggies are delivered and sliced to order each morning.
  • Catered food made-from-scratch. This means we make all our own salads, croutons, roast beef, etc.(even the so-called-healthy Panera Bread gets their grilled chicken and soups from a commissary out in Minnesota).
  1. We Always Give Enough Catered Food (but never TOO much so it is wasted).
  • We offer a 10% buffer on each and every catering event (there will also be enough plates, napkins and utensils).
  • We have measured our catering recipes, formulas and quantities over the last 35 years (we know exactly how much catered food is “enough”).
  1. Great Catering Variety  
  • We do seasonal menus and amazing salad bars that you can’t get anywhere else
  • Executive Chef Kurt Linneman travels the globe and make recipes for catering menus  specifically for the corporate catering market and office catering
  • Here are some examples of our multi-cultural catering- Indian catering, Chinese catering, Thai food catering, Mexican catering, Italian food catering, Mediterranean catering, Caribbean catering, and more.
  • Our Catering Event Planners offer suggestions on menu planning for multiple catered events (so your people don’t get bored with same food all the time and you don’t have to keep doing the catering dance with a gazillion vendors).
  1. We Handle All Special Catering Menu Requests With A Smile
  • Individual dietary catering requests are listed clearly on our “Special Catering Diets” Menu (vegan catering, vegetarian catering, gluten-free catering, And so that each special catering menu doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, they are are delivered in cute, easily identifiable green catering tote bags)
  1. Fully Insured Catering Delivery
  • 3 million dollar liability catering insurance policy in King of Prussia.
  • Five chefs on our staff are certified food handlers (the state only requires one certification per restaurant)
  • We offer tours of our state-of-the-art catering kitchen on Mondays and Fridays. Give us a call and we’ll show you where- and how- we make our catering.
  1. We Give The Lowest Possible Catering Price (but we make it nice ‘cuz the CEO is coming).
  • We will “work-with-you” if you have a catering budget. Just tell us you’re your catering budget is and we can design a catering menu for you!
  • Preferred corporate catering rates for King of Prussia are shown up front on the website
  • Free Catering Delivery for most catering events of 100 people or more(volume discounts are already figured for you for each event…no more embarrassing negotiations).
  • You can order catering for the exact number of guests (so you won’t have too much or too little) (no confusing “bracket” pricing).
  • No having to sign a credit card slip upon delivery and feel obligated to give the driver additional tip thereby raising your price (Panera boasts “BIG TIPS” in their help wanted ads- and this is after you already paid 15% delivery!).
  • Special discounts for all-day catering, all-week catering and large .
  1. Friendly, Smart Caterers That Are Easy To Work With
  • 66% of our staff performance review is based on behavior- at the Crocodile the “bad apple” employee cannot exist.
  • Highly skilled caterers (less prone to making embarrassing mistakes). We pay 30% over the industry average because we want only the smartest, most responsible people handling your food.
  • Expertly trained staff (thanks to our Have Perfect People” coaching program
  1. Business Catering Is Our Only Business
  • Corporate catering & Office Catering is not an after-thought at Crocodile Catering   We are laser-focused on your needs and we know the corporate catering market better than anyone.
  • Our staff is fresh and rested for Monday through Friday (not burned out from the weekend)
  1. We Offer An Iron-Clad Catering Guarantee.
  • If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy, we offer a FREE CATERED EVENT and a FULL REFUND! You are the sole judge and jury! But this probably won’t happen to you (last year, out of 4627 catered events, we were asked to pay out only 2 times.