A Bit of History

Good food has always been a love of my life.

I always loved everything about cooking. It could not wait to be old enough to work in restaurants. Just a few days after my 16th birthday, I got my first job. It was mostly grunt work- carrying out garbage, washing dishes, mopping floors, and stuff like that- but since I was working around food, I was happy as a kid in a candy shop!

I worked in restaurants for the next 14 years, only taking time off to finish high school and to earn a marketing degree at Penn State. Beyond the grunt work, I was a cook, chef, kitchen manager, cost control analyst, management trainee, restaurant manager, and general manager of a restaurant chain.

​I learned the business. Topping off the list of skills I developed was a special knack for being able to take great ideas and make them happen. My motto was, “Cook, chop, or get outta my way.”

Confident, I was ready to open my shop.