Prospective Caterer Scorecard


Prospective Caterer Scorecard
Prospective Caterer:_________________________ Your Event: ______________________________ 
Date of Event:___________   Interviewer: _______________________
(2= Great Answer... 1= OK answer ... 0= Bad Answer)
1. What is the starting wage of your delivery people?
2pt___ ($15/hour or more)   
1pt___  ($12-$14)                        
0pt___  (less than $12)
2. What’s the delivery radius of your catering services?
2pt___ (8 miles or less)
1pt___  (9-13 miles)          
             0pt___ (14 miles or more) 
3. What is the average age of your delivery vehicles?
            2pt___ (2 years old or younger)
            1pt___  (2-4 years old)
            0pt___ (We deliver in our cars)
4. How long do your employees stay with you…on the average?
2pt___  (4 years or more)
             1pt___  (Between 2-4 years)
             0pt___  (“It’s like a revolving door in here, I can never keep track”)
5. How much food do you give extra?  
            2pt___ (10% or more)
            1pt___ (“We give just about enough”)
            0pt___  (‘I’m not really sure. We don’t run out of food too often.”)
6. How many years have you been in business?
            2pt___  (9 years and above)                      
            1pt___  (5-8 years)
            0pt___  (under 5 years)
7. Where are your “healthy alternatives” listed? 
             2pt___  (They give a clear answer where you can find lots of solutions on their website)
             1pt___  (“Well, let’s see… I think we might have vegetarian lasagna and maybe some 
                            roasted veggies”)
             0pt___  (“Come on, we’re running a restaurant here, not a hospital”)
8. Can you fax me a copy of your liability insurance? How much are you covered for?             
            2pt___  (“We’re covered for 3 million dollars. I’ll fax the certificate right over”)
            1pt___  (“Sure I have it around here somewhere. I might be able to dig it up”)
            0pt___  (“Yeah right. We don’t even get health insurance.”)
9. What was your score on your last health department inspection? Can you fax me a copy?
             2pt___  (90-100)
1pt___  (84-89)
             0pt___ (below 83)
10. Can I get a tour of your commissary?
            2pt___ (“Sure, no problem, let’s set something up with the Executive Chef next week”)      
            1pt___  (“I’m not really sure, no one’s ever asked us to do that”)
            0pt___ (“Oh, you wouldn’t wanna see what happens in this kitchen”)
11. What percentage of your staff are certified food handlers with the Department of Health?
2pt___  (40% and above)  
             1pt___  (25%-29%)
             0pt___  (under 25%)
12. How many refrigerated vehicles do you have?
            2pt___ (2 or more)           
            1pt___  (“We have 1 refrigerated truck”)
            0pt___  (“We’re lucky if the air-conditioners work?”)
13. What’s your guarantee policy?
            2pt___ (“We have a 100% money-back guarantee. You’re the sole judge and jury”)         
            1pt___  (“Well, if you’re not happy, call a manager and they’ll discuss it with ya”)
            0pt___ (“I guarantee that once we deliver, you will pay…or else”)
14. What’s your sampling(or tasting) policy? 
2pt___ (“I’d be happy to set something up next week. What would you like to taste?”)
1pt___  (“Well, um…we don’t really do that, what did you have in mind”)
0pt___  (“We don’t do that around here” or “You’re gonna have to pay big bucks for that”)
15. Do you have an Executive Chef? What’s his name?
            2pt___  (“Oh, of course, his name is Kurt Linneman. He’s developed over 1000 recipes.”)
            1pt___  (“Well, we all kinda make the recipes around here.”)                      
            0pt___ (“Sure, it’s Chef Boy-ardee”)
16. What’s your corporate pricing policy?
            2pt___ (“We have that info, up front, on our website. We have great volume discounts")
            1pt___  (“Well, since you asked, maybe there is a little wiggle room.”)                    
            0pt___  (“One price fits all, we don’t do discounts”)
Calculate your prospective caterer’s Total Score: _________________
You’re done with your Scorecard . . .
If you love them and they score 30 points or more: Don’t let them get away! Book your event right now, and every event after that! You have a superstar caterer.
If they score 29 points or less (or if you’re unsure): Shaky, at best. You can say: “Thank you for speaking with me. I am just now starting my event planning process. I’ll give you a call if I decide to place an order.”


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